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It is important for employees to report their departure to ensure the accuracy of their immigration records and in order to preserve certain future immigration options. The employee must complete a Departure Notice and submit it to the department and ISSS as soon as possible before departing the University. The departure information is needed in order to accurately report it to the various immigration and government agencies.

E-3 status is tied to employment as outlined in the offer of employment presented at the port of entry into the US or on subsequent Form I-129 extensions. E-3 status ends when the employment ends.

There is no grace period for departure for E-3 workers. Once your employment ends, you are required to depart the United States or file for a change of immigration status with USCIS. USCIS will be notified and the Labor Condition Application will be withdrawn at the end of the employment. Consult with an ISSS faculty/scholar advisor if the department plans to end your employment prior to the expiration of your E-3 status.

Return Transportation Requirement

If your department terminates your employment prior to the end of your E-3, they must offer to pay the reasonable costs of return transportation for you to your last place of foreign residence or to your home country. You do not have to accept this offer. But if you decide to end your employment early, your department is not responsible for these costs. Your department is not responsible for the costs of return transportation for your family or personal belongings.