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International Faculty and Scholars who plan to travel abroad while in H-1B status must have the following documents in order to obtain an H-1B visa stamp and/or to re-enter the U.S.:

  • Passport valid for at least six months into the future on the date of re-entry
  • Valid H-1B visa stamp. If the visa stamp is no longer valid individuals must apply for an H-1B visa stamp before re-entering the U.S.  Canadian citizens are not required to obtain a visa stamp.
  • Original of I-797A approval notice (Notice of Action)
  • Past three months’ paycheck stubs (proof pay received).
  • One copy of the I-129 filed by UNC-CH (included in Scholars Copy of petition)
  • One copy of ETA 9035E Labor Condition Application (included in Scholars Copy of petition)
  • Copy of letter of support for H-1B petition (included in Scholars Copy of packet)
  • If  previously in J-1 or J-2  status and were subject to the two year home residence requirement [212 (e)], an individual must present the waiver approval in order to obtain the H-1B visa.
  • Original diplomas and transcripts if applying for a new visa. If the diplomas/transcripts are not in English, there must be an official translation to accompany the diploma and/or transcript.
  • Current letter of support from H-1B’s department

Visa Delay

There may be a background check which may cause a delay in obtaining the visa stamp.

Upon return to the U.S., please come to the ISSS office with the original I-94 and passport so that ISSS staff can photocopy the I-94 and the new visa stamp page (if one was obtained during travel outside the U.S.).

Continued Validity Of H Visa After Change Of Employer

If there has been a change in employer since the first entry to the United States, or if  a scholar has changed status to H-1B and there is a valid H-1B visa in their passport through the previous employer, scholars may reenter the U.S.using that visa, provided that they present a valid H-1B approval notice for UNC-Chapel Hill at the port of entry.