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The Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) Airport, located approximately 20 miles from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Transportation from RDU Airport:

Hotels and Motels

An advanced reservation is wise! Single rooms estimated costs are between $70 and $215 per night plus tax. Buses run from these hotels and motels to campus Monday through Saturday, and some offer free shuttle services. Sunday bus services are limited. The Carolina Inn is located closest to UNC campus. The hotels and motels are grouped by cost.  Some might have discounts for students, so ask about a discount at time of reservation.

Less Expensive:

More Expensive:

Most Expensive:

Climate and Clothing

The climate in Chapel Hill is temperate. Summers are likely to be hot and humid, 75 to 100 degrees F (24 to 38°C). Winter temperatures are generally between 25 and 50 degrees F (-3 to 10°C) and snow is infrequent, but temperatures may fall as low as 10 degrees F (-12C). Casual clothing is appropriate for class and general wear. However, you will probably wish to bring appropriate clothing for semi-formal occasions. Bring a warm coat or be prepared to purchase one. You may also wish to bring national costumes and fashions to be worn, and artifacts and crafts to be displayed for international gatherings and festivals on campus.