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Students must submit the Financial Certificate form and required supporting documentation by uploading these documents in their Student Center in ConnectCarolina.

In order to log in to ConnectCarolina students will need to use their Onyen and password.  If you have questions about creating an Onyen and password, please refer to the Onyen and Password FAQ or reach out to IT Services.

Students submitting the Financial Certificate form must provide a response to the following To Do List items in their Student Center (under Admissions items):

  • Financial Certificate Form
  • Financial Support Documents
  • Passport: Submit a copy of the full identification page(s) of your passport. If bringing a spouse and/or children in F-2 or J-2 status, submit copies of family members’ passport identification page(s), as well.
  • Supplementary Documentation: If there are no required documents to submit as part of this To Do List item, check the box “I do not have any other documents to upload” and then click on “Submit” in order to complete this item.

Detailed instructions with visual guides are available here.

When all four ISSS To Do List items have been completed, students will receive an email confirmation.  If the email confirmation is not received within two days, first make sure all four To Do List items (Financial Certificate, Passport, Financial Support Documents and Supplementary Documentation) have been completed.  If any of these items remain on your To Do List then they must be completed.  If all four items have been completed, check both your personal email account and your UNC email account. If you have not received the confirmation email, please contact ISSS at with your name and PID number so we can check your information in ConnectCarolina.

Processing of the Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 takes approximately three weeks from the date all To Do List items have been completed. Once the Form I-20 or DS-2019 has been issued, students will receive an email notification.  If you do not receive this email and it has been longer than three weeks, please check your UNC and personal email accounts.  Be sure to check your regular inbox and your junk/spam mail.  If you have still not received an email, contact the ISSS office for assistance at

NOTE: Students who have been admitted to UNC for the fall semester should upload all documents to their ConnectCarolina Student Center by June 1st.  For the spring semester, students should upload all required documents by November 1st.