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Here are a few examples of past projects:

  • A Nursing major traveled to Honduras to provide culturally relevant healthcare to underserved populations by organizing and implementing a Women’s Helath and Family Planning program.
  • An Elementary Education and Biology major traveled to Ghana to teach a class emphasizing sustainable development practices and design curriculum for healthy behavior for a youth center.
  • A Biology and Psychology major traveled to Tanzania to work with people affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • A Biology and Chemistry major traveled to Uganda to set up a sustainable production facility with Full Belly Project for their Universal Nut Sheller (UNS), to distribute the UNS to farmer cooperatives, and to complete research quantifying the direct and indirect health benefits of UNS.
  • An English major traveled to Granada, Spain to study the work of poet Federico Garcia Lorca influenced by the violence of the Spanish Civil War and to study the early Spanish poetry written in the Arabic-Spanish dialect of Mozarabe
  • A Communication Studies and Cultural Studies major traveled to Ghana and Nigeria to research the political, educational, and religious systems within the two countries.

For a comprehensive list of past projects, see here: Past Projects for the Class of 1938 Fellowship.