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This year ISSS will post the new application material on Sakai. To access the application materials, students will need to:

  • Login to using the onyen and password
  • click “My Workspace” tab
  • click “Membership” from the menu on the top left
  • click “Joinable Sites” near the top
  • Search “ISSS” from the search bar provided at the top right
  • Find the Worksite titled “ISSS-Class of ’38 Fellowship” and click “Join”

After joining the site, students may use the direct URL to access the site’s homepage: From the home page of the Sakai site, students should be able to view the ISSS website, recent announcements and a calendar of events related to the fellowship. When accessing the site, a prompt will ask, “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?” In order to access all the information provided on the site click “No.”

To access the application form, students should click on “Resources” from the homepage menu to find the form titled “Class_of_38.dotx.” (Students should also find a document with these same instructions in the resources area.) Students are to download and complete the application form on their local computer. Once completed, students should upload the completed and saved application form into their personal folder:

  • Click “Drop Box” on the homepage menu
  • click on the folder that is titled using the student’s name
  • click “Add” and “Upload Files” from the menu that appears
  • click “Browse…”
  • Find and select the completed application from the file stored on the local machine
  • click “Upload Files Now”

The completed electronic application form must be submitted in the “Drop Box” of Sakai no later than 11:59 p.m., on Thursday, January 31, 2019. We no longer require an official transcript. Please submit an unofficial transcript to us.

When filling out the application, please note that if any of your answers do not fit in the area provided, use the space provided on page 4 to enter the end portion of your answers that did not fit on the previous pages. Please remember to fill in the page number and the question that correspond to each answer. If you still need additional space, please upload a separate page with the additional information, and your complete answer.