The first step to becoming an international faculty member or scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is securing an official invitation to conduct research from a UNC-CH faculty member or an appropriate offer of employment from a university department. Once the offer has been made, the host department can contact ISSS to initiate the non-immigrant process.

Before ISSS can begin processing paperwork for a prospective scholar, an advisor must determine a scholar’s eligibility for a particular immigration status. The academic department and the scholar will complete the following steps, which will allow ISSS to determine status eligibility:

1. Academic Department completes Initial International Faculty/Scholar Request form and submits it to ISSS.

2. The prospective scholar completes and submits a Personal Information form. Depending on the scenario, the scholar will either submit this form to the departmental liaison or directly to ISSS once completed.

3. Once ISSS receives both request forms and the necessary supplemental documents, an advisor at ISSS will consult with the academic department to determine the appropriate immigration status for the prospective scholar.

After eligibility for status is determined, there are additional steps the scholar must take to obtain status. Please see the links to the left about the process for each non-immigrant status.