With the potential impact of Hurricane Florence on the southeast United States, below are reminders for Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified schools, and F-1 and M-1 nonimmigrant students.

  • If living off campus, F and M international students and their accompanying dependents (if any) should follow the instructions of state, local and tribal officials, including any instructions to shelter in place or evacuate. All international students living on campus should follow their institution’s emergency plan.
  • If students have been ordered to evacuate, they should not return until they are told by local officials that it is safe to do so.
  • International students must remain in contact with their school’s principal designated school official (PDSO) or designated school official (DSO), and inform the PDSO or DSO of their emergency plans, including whether they have been ordered to evacuate.
  • Staying safe is paramount, however, international students must also do their best to take all necessary actions to maintain their student status.
  • Under the circumstances, international students may not be able to stay in status and may require reinstatement. Their DSO will help them with this, but it is essential that they keep necessary nonimmigrant documents in a safe, secure place and take these documents with them if ordered to evacuate.
  • Before leaving, if possible, international students should communicate with their DSO about their emergency plans.